Randy Beyer


Our first musical group of the day features the talented Rodney Beyer, from the Fife Lake area. He will be joined by some of his polka-playing-pals, providing traditional, classic polka music to get you on your feet. Bring your family and prepare to enjoy this fun polka hour!

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Broom Closet Boys

Broom Closet Boys is an exciting power trio that delivers an impressively unique catalog of popular tunes, scaling across the decades. A selection of songs that range from Queen to the Backstreet Boys, Tom Petty to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Steely Dan to Lionel Richie! A medley of songs from the Dumb & Dumber soundtrack may also be heard! Since 2011, the group has performed all over northwest Michigan at outdoor festivals, holiday parties, special events, clubs, weddings, etc. Broom Closet Boys combines excellent musicianship with a catered blend of music that is perfect for any occasion.
Band Members:
Chris Smith 231 601098 Text at that number too.
Bruce Braden
Mike Morrison




Rising from the backwaters of Lower-Northwestern Michigan, Stonefolk is an all Americana Folk-Rock Trio formed by singer/songwriter Aaron Dye, bassist/sousaphonist Kevin LaRose and drummer Liam Joyce. The band features a heavy selection of honest and original work inspired by legendary bands like Little Feat, The Rolling Stones and The Meters. Formerly known as Turbo Pup, the band has played numerous music festivals including Blissfest and Harvest Gathering, as well as uncountable stages across the north.

Trains, boats and cars have taken the band to destinations around the country, like their memorable trip by train to San Francisco’s Hotel Utah. They captured the audiences where they serenaded folks in the observation cars along the way. Sailing the Great Lakes to remote islands just to play around the campfire is also a memory that cannot be replaced. Always ready to play and entertain, Stonefolk is full of heart and will bring you straight to the dance floor.

Stonefolk is a truly versatile and inclusive group and as one fans says, ‘the music blossoms boundless joy in their audiences”. Between the spontaneous breaks of sousaphone marches, swooning vocals and tight knit beats, Stonefolk is sure to bring a smile and a song to your heart.

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The Ol’ Microtones

This band is made up of local hotshots like Joe Wilson, Kevin Gills (from Billy String & Don Julin), drummer David Collini, Don Julin, and an amazing singer & front man Wes Ivan. The music is electric and ranges in style form some old jazz standards to reggae, soul, and even a bit of Motown. Good time party music!
Check out this video of them performing live!

Band Members:
Wes Ivan – lead vocal, rhythm guitar
2318351325 Text at that number too.
Don Julin – electric mandolins, vocals
Joe Wilson – steel guitar, vocals
Kevin Gills – bass
Dave Collini – drums